Old School February The Month Ahead February has arrived so we use a lot planned for Old School. The long awaited achievement diaries are going to be arriving along with the dragon defender. Oh, and let’s not forget… Permanent free-to-play AND the Grand Exchange! Let’s dive in the Month Ahead.

Permanent Free-to-Participate in the permanent F2P & Membership Bonds poll is nearing conclusion which is still comfortably passing with over 85% approval from your community. Providing nothing changes before 10am GMT on Wednesday 4th February we will be implementing permanent F2P down the line this month.

We plan to release permanent F2P on Thursday 19th February in celebration of Old School’s 2nd birthday. In addition to some small waste content in-game we will be opening the sport to almost all people

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. In a recent newspost we spoke briefly about potential restrictions on permanent F2P to avoid bots as an issue.

We have now since a meeting and  07 Rs Gold determined some more refined restrictions that ought to allow us both eliminate the quantity of bots that F2P brings along while having as insignificant of an effect on gameplay as is possible.

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