Boss Drop Collections | Motherlode Maw Improvements

In case you are the adventurer who has to possess it all, this week’s upgrade is for you. We’ve launched new accolades for the most complete of boss looters, as well as the Motherlode Maw’s had the overhaul, making it more practical than ever for finishing people last few comp-cape requirements.

Superior Drop Collections

If you’re a successful boss battler, there’s a completely new way to be rewarded for ones dedication to pummelling Gielinor’s biggest nasties: Collections.

Head over to the Beasts tab, choose boss, then click the completely new ‘Collection’ button beneath all their picture. There, you’ll see a directory of drops that you’ll need to receive from the boss in question to help earn an all-new headline. Note that some items will probably already be ticked off, if you obtained them.

There’s a disguised . achievement for each one, also, which will show up in the new ‘Feats’ section of the Achievements software on completion.

Motherlode Maw

We’ve gone through your responses with a fine-toothed comb, in addition to overhauled the comp-cape-chasing add-ons that the Maw can throw out.

See below to uncover what you can get, what’s turn into less likely to show up, in addition to what’s been removed altogether.

There’s also an all-new lore book to pick up from the local altar, revealing the beginnings of the Maw and the precious stone dragons.

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