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Brendan Rodgers revealed Mario Balotelli has already shown signs of a new-found maturity as the Italian made his Liverpool debut in a 3-0 win at Tottenham.

Balotelli played for 61 minutes of the Reds’ romp at White Hart Lane following his £16m move from AC Milan on Monday and delivered a whole-hearted performance with glimpses of his vast talent.

The 24-year-old striker has a well-earned reputation as one of the sport’s most combustible characters and he has frustrated many managers with his lacklustre attitude throughout a controversy-marred career, but Rodgers took heart from the way he accepted the responsibility of helping out defensively against Tottenham.

Rodgers admitted Balotelli had been shocked earlier in the week when he asked the former Manchester City star to mark opposing players at corners, yet he fulfilled the task with gusto.

"He’s at an age when he has to show responsiblity. I’m giving him that,07 Rs Gold," Rodgers said. "For the first time in his life he marked at a corner. He’s an international with a Premier League title and three Italian league titles, but when we were doing the defensive corner routines in training I told him he had to mark and he said he didn’t mark at corners. I said you do now. And today he went in there and won a header."

Although Balotelli missed several chances to cap his debut with a goal, the Italian linked up well with team-mates Daniel Sturridge and Raheem Sterling at times. And Rodgers is confident he will prove a major asset if he can be kept out of trouble.

"He’s a good guy and if you control the background noise, take away some of the situations he has found himself in, you can see he is going to be a real handful for defenders," Rodgers added.

"You’ve seen his appetite today, his work, pressure, strength and quality. He has a wonderful touch for a big guy. He was excellent."

Runescape 3 Gold Win add-ons on your favourite skill outfit headpieces

Bedeck your bonce using the very finest in skilling headwear – on Treasure Hunter a few days ago,Runescape 3 Gold!

Win add-ons on your favourite skill outfit headpieces, and they’re going to gain wicked hood-style features: teleports, free items and some sweet skill training benefits.

From 01:00 UK time, 26th September until 00:59 UK time, 30th September, you’ll have a possiblity to win permanent add-ons for these skill outfit pieces:

Artisan’s bandana
Blacksmith’s helmet
Diviner’s headwear
Shaman’s headdress
Daily, these modified headpieces gives you teleports to your useful skilling location, free items and – when worn – skilling benefits. Are going to improved  visually, too.

Modified artisan’s bandana:

Teleports to the Crafting Guild
Gives wet clay
5% possibility to save leather while crafting
Modified blacksmith’s helmet:

Teleports towards Artisans’ Workshop
Gives coal
5% chance to save coal while smelting
Modified diviner’s headwear:

Teleports to the Guthixian Shrine (after The World Wakes) or May Stormbrewer
Gives chronicles
5% possiblity to save 50% energy while weaving or transmuting
Modified shaman’s headdress:
The RuneScape Team

rs gold azines Rival Challenge Bridal party and help your pet try and take his title backward.

You can even trade your challenge tokens for Balthazar’s Massive Raffle tickets! Once you’ve got twelve uncompleted tokens in your inventory check out and about Captain Haskell within Burthorpe and swap them for i raffle ticket. You can only accomplish this particular two times daily, in the 4 days of Competitor Challenges.

Pop wide open Treasure Hunter Boxes between Friday 12th September at 00:00 GMT in addition to Monday 15th September at 23:fifty nine GMT to acquire Captain Haskell’azines Rival Challenge Bridal party and help your pet try and take his title backward.

Everyone gets a minimum of one Key on an every day basis, in case anyone’re a RuneScape member you have two! You could also get a hold of more through game play – just look for the wiki to see how,rs gold, and learn A somewhat more with regards to Treasure Hunter simultaneously.

Also you can buy more Keys via the website, redeem Bonds in-game, or simply select ‘Buy Secrets’ once you’lso are in Treasure Seeker.

The RuneScape Group

Fifa 15 Coins PC Ozil told the Daily Telegraph. &quot

Mesut Ozil believes criticism of his Arsenal performances stems from high expectations borne of being "one of the best No10s in the world".

The Germany international struggled to live up to his £42m transfer fee after joining the Gunners from Real Madrid last season, though he did end the campaign as an FA Cup winner. That Wembley win over Hull was followed by FIFA World Cup? success with his country this summer.

"The opinions of fans are important to me and I’m happy they have such high expectations of me," Ozil told the Daily Telegraph. "I have high expectations of myself. I’m one of the best players in the world in that No10 position. Fans, coaches, players and everyone knows that my best position is playmaker. It’s different playing on the left.

"When I was in Madrid,Fifa 15 Coins PC, I often played on the right. I enjoyed that because I’m left-footed and I was able to cut inside to give assists and get shots on target. On the left, it’s more difficult."

He’s like a guy who plays music with perfect timing. There aren’t many players like that.Arsene Wenger, Arsenal manager on Mesut Ozil
Manager Arsene Wenger defended the 25-year-old on Friday, likening him to a virtuoso musician and suggesting Ozil’s lack of aggression and defensive ability fuels a perception of him as ‘lightweight’.


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For exchange of cheap Wow Gold  and not generally virtual cash, but thirty dollars a game point card. Six years ago most players and I am also don’t know is what pay treasure, selling gold players willing to accept point card, after gaining can directly to their own account prepaid phone exchange for game time.

There is another group of people on a large amount of selling gold-” gold farmers “. They hired for the boss, especially in the game “batch production” large virtual gold, and sell it to me so of person only point card or cash profit.

On the surface, my 60 dollars is for the other players or is “Wow Gold For Sale  farmers”, in exchange for the fruits of their work. But the two types of people in the game because of the need to spend time and have their own costs. Can’t use how long, sixty dollars is in the game operator the hands.

Getting a lot of specific in fifa

Getting a lot of specific, you’ll be able to pay coins within the transfer space for one card at a time. The a lot of you pay, the a lot of doubtless you’re to seek out rare cards and high-rating Fifa 15 Coins, however normally, you’ll be able to build your team rather more quickly by specifying gold and silver player cards, likewise as rare player cards. you’ll be able to either bid on cards to avoid wasting coins, or use expire currently to urge instant gratification.

Buy FIFA fourteen coins to shop for some extraordinarily sensible players to form your high bronze,top silver and high gold team!

Build your final team. to shop for FIFA fourteen coins not only for for that however conjointly can enable you to win all tournaments and matches, thus you’ll create a lot of FIFA coins. Why not obtain FIFA 14 Coins now? Here you’ll obtain FIFA fourteen coins with the most effective service on our store.

FIFA fourteen final Team Best XI Week of February nineteen

The Dream Team of FIFA fourteen final Team may be a nice trying stats all players, Espanyol Colotto sneaks and even we uncomprehensible mentioning. Nor Firmino of Hoffenheim go unobserved.

Other League area unit Diego Alves, Juanfran, Cesc Fabregas and Leo Messi with Diego Colotto Valencia, Athletic, FC urban center and Espanyol severally.


GK: Diego Alves – Valencia CF (cheap FIFA Coins )
RB: Juanfran – Atletico national capital (Spain)
CB: Nicolas Nkoulou – Olympique Diamond State Marseille (France)
CB: Diego Colotto – RCD Espanyol (Spain)
CB: author – Livorno (Italy)
CAM: Roberto Firmino – 1899 Hoffenheim (Germany)
CM: Cesc Fabregas – FC urban center (Spain)
RM: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – Borussia Dortmund (Germany)
SS (CF): Lionel Messi – FC urban center (Spain)
ST: Mattia Destro – AS Roma (Italy)
ST: olla Toivonen – Stade Rennais (France)
Substitutes and Booking

GK: Ralf F?hrmann-FC Schalke 04 (Germany)
CB: John McCombe – House of York town (England)
LM: Caio – Grasshopper Club Zürich (Switzerland)
CAM: archangel Jacobs – Wolverhampton Wanderers (FIFA 14 Coins )
ST: Anthony Stokes – Celtic (Scotland)
ST: David Williams – Heart Melbourne (Australia)
ST: Domi Kumbela – Eintracht metropolis (Germany)

FIFA points merge into a single game currency

Recently, “FIFA” series has been in encouraging smart positional attack, nevertheless for action to further improve could be more desirable to stimulate counterattack. This is the “FIFA” series has become the top at performance aspects: the sooner goals, fast paced and much of goals ahead of the whistle. Not saying that no tactical components of the overall game, nevertheless the tactics aren’t “FIFA” strengths, and “Cheap FIFA 14 Coins” performance also shows “FIFA” series strengths or fast-paced game.

“FIFA 14″ with all the real life of football is very fit. Data anytime prior to a realistic look at the final results to update the game, and according to professional data to determine the state of a good players. However, more or less everything for any better combination of these, along with the commentary prior to a game don’t offers a feeling of mechanization. This together with the reality reflected in even before. By way of example, when I chose Real Madrid, I aimed at the warm-up prior to the bell recent record-breaking move. These are small details, but together, they help the operation level of the overall game, guarantee the game with real relevance with the season.

“FIFA 14″ diversity is unprecedented: a single game through the entire season, the network game, now, the action featured, professional model, technology game mode. Of these above, you will discover the most used Ultimate Team mode. Game added a lot of subtle but useful element – network single game finally within this just as return, in case you mean short time, it’s also possible to enjoy the fun of football. Scale league game rose to 10, giving players even more of quite a job.

Moreover, this new program is additionally the best team mode is specially prominent. Interface is simple, convenient, and incredibly practical. Browse the transfer market unprecedented convenience. Looking for players feeling never been so free-wheeling. May sound just like a small improvement, but I believe grateful.

Ultimate Team mode may be the biggest change may be the relationship between systems, to bring a little RPG Sports games atmosphere. In past times the other from the ultimate team relationships always feel there are some redundant, but now you’ll be able to decide the design of the player. It is possible to classify each player, this player is a subtle get a new main data. By way of example, “artist” can change the player’s passing and dribbling, and “sentinel” increased defense and heading. They like skill tree, and also the data raises over time. These styles can follow your team’s style to mix. This is a good change, in order that relations system more difficult. For those who have never tried Ultimate Team mode, “FIFA 14 Coins” can be a best time to start. However, I still hope that EA can experience, money and FIFA points merge into a single game currency.

FIFA 13 Will Reappear This A Symbolic Gesture

Recently the FUT 13 Coins and” 2013 “live football listed caused extensive concern of the players and industry, also caused plenty of words, developers are claiming their game is preferable to another, players as well as said anything about the game, the” FIFA 13 “and” live football 2013 “competition between as compared to messi and cristiano ronaldo between, etc.Market appeared a figure in america yesterday, the image is “FIFA 13″ and “live football 2013″ limit vending frame, the shelves from the FIFA 13 out of stock, and also the shelves or full live football 2013, at some level, this also shows the “FIFA 13″ accepted football 2013 “live”.

Therefore the choice of players in the game sometimes confused, foreign video website Gametrailers has released a “FIFA 13″ article on the video, we will with the video to find out when it works more effectively than real live. How to choose, to the gamers themselves. Feel that many fans for the past soon after Mario balotelli scored in the European championships to mimic the Hulk Hulk celebration of fresh, EA Sports official video last weekend, provides for us a fantastic news: “FIFA 13″ will represent the “god” this symbolic gesture, EA are seems effective in keeping track of the buzz.

EA Sports interviewed while using the company inside the video motion capture vancouver white MLS MLS team player Jay DeMerit and Alain Rochat. Besides the celebration of god, both men also mimic the euro list of England in Sweden welbeck goal scored from the heel. Even so the strip this estimate imitating god can not, of course, who doesn’t want to amongst players when uncontrolled looked over his players to enjoy a yellow card confused two end not yellowing and something red.Then if you want Cheap FIFA 14 Coins,you can purchase here.


In case you are knowledgeable on the FUT trading then you will cover the cost of a life threatening amount of coins in early stages of FUT 14 Coins. For the people than can, we strongly counsel you use early use of the FUT 14 Web App (September 15th 2013), and invest considerable time into trading (i.e. set an ambition of 50k before the game is released)! This may permit you to create a decent team ready to use when FIFA 14 is released on September 24th 2013 with the US and September 27th 2013 for Europe. It’ll be a lot harder to construct the c’s you would like if the game is released.

In a nutshell, it is possible to use the less knowledgeable traders (the brand new players) that will purchase cards often at inflated prices for convenience and in addition have no idea of the truth worth of the squad / consumables which they sell. For anyone who is looking over this and believe you fit into the ‘newbie’ category, then don’t be concerned even as believe that how to be a smart FUT trader.

Although it’s still a couple weeks prior to the early relieve the FUT 14 Web App, we now have listed some pre-release trading ideas to get you started and something step ahead with your Cheap Fut 14 coins journey!