chaotic ways.

This year’s event may also reward you while using grim reaper hood, the zombie hand emote along with the capacity to get green skin from your makeover mage.

Halloween community helpers & livestreams

From the time that the production on the first rares into Old School it is often incredibly clear just how much town enjoys the types of livestreams where we hand them over call at interesting ways.

Over Halloween we are hosting a number of events in-game, most of which will be livestreamed, where we provide a great deal of Halloween rares using some fun and chaotic ways.

In order to keep a lot of these events frequent, varied and entertaining throughout the break we have now given several livestreamers, community leaders and also other familiar faces something to use to scatter pumpkins. Doing this will support more consistent and varied events throughout the holiday period

Keep an eye out on YouTube, and reddit to catch some events which you could snag yourself some extra pumpkins.

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