Enjoy In-game ui Skillchip Hunt RuneScape along with RuneFest Shield for RuneFest 2017

In a few hours, you could enjoy biggest annual RuneScape event – Runefest 2017. In order to celebrate it, RS3 players can join in in-game ui Skillchip Hunt RuneScape affair, while Old School players can certainly gain RuneFest Shield. On the other hand, you can get cheap Runescape 3 Gold or RS 07 gold by our runescape site .

In-game Skillchip Hunt RuneScape lasts until finally October 2

While the 7th annual RuneScape convention, RuneFest 2017 is in progress, they have an in-game Skillchip Hunt RuneScape available too, in which you need consult Skillchipx after heading sth of the windmill in Taverley and complete 8 different assignments (quite like those on RuneFest 2017). With just about every task completed, you will get the XP lamp from Skillchipx. And one extra XP table lamp can be obtained when all main tasks are completed.

You do not miss the Skillchip Identify watching the RuneFest, for doing this will last through October minimal payments However , one thing you should observe is that some of the tasks tend to be found in members’ areas.

Receive Runefest Shied from Old-school RuneScape

For RuneFest 2017, Jagex will release a completely new cosmetic RuneFest Shield with Old School RuneScape for those who sign up for Runefest or tune in into the all-day stream. And you can buy it with the code by visiting Diago in Draynor Village, while this shield has no sheltering stats and just for fashionscape. It’s sure that the computer will be revealed to all people in a short time.

At the same time, you can get precious information about the Next 12 Four week period OSRS from this RuneFest.

Most of us just hope this great RuneScape convention will not let us decrease.

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