Expect RuneScape Tribal Trials & Returned Line Firemaking Soon

Apart from the new Thieving Training method – Safecracking, in April you will also be able to enjoy the return of Line Firemaking RuneScape. Meanwhile, there is a really fun TH – Tribal Trials coming, during which you can unlock Howie. Read on to learn more and buy RuneScape gold cheap here.

From RuneSape Line Firemaking, what can you enjoy?
With the return of Line Firemaking, you can gain the ability to light fires quicker at level 70 Firemaking. What is more, the Char’s weekly minigame will be changed into a repeatable training method. That means after completing The Firemaker’s Curse quest, you can access the Char’s training cave anytime. Besides, from it you may obtain a possible drop – Pitch can, which can speed up bonfires. Furthermore, this item can remarkably speed up line firmaking, having the high-XP, high-intensity training method viable once more.
Please remember the Pitch can can be traded. And the greedy firmakers will make a tasty return when they hold a can in their hand.

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During interesting RuneScape Tribal Trials, what should you do?
This month, the Spring Fayre and Tribute to Guthix are still running, while you should learn that the Spring Fayre has been rebalanced by vastly improving the chance of a cosmetic drop, which will be end on April 23. What is more, there will be brand new task card events called Tribal Trials coming later. This upcoming Treasure Hunter promotion will require you to complete shamanistic challenges just like the previous events, Faceless Assassins and Zodiac Training. One of the rewards that has been revealed is a fantastic tribal pet – Howie.

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