FIFA 17 will be released sometime in September

FIFA 17 will be released sometime in September since that is around the time that EA Sports usually release the latest installment in the franchise.

For FIFA 16, the game maker focused heavily on graphics and gameplay to make the game more lifelike and did a pretty good job at it especially on the latest console versions like Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

However, for Fifa 17 Coins it seems like they will focus more on the playing experience to get gamers more involved in the game.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson noted during the company’s fourth quarter earnings briefing that FIFA 17 will make a “major leap forward in personalization, immersion and competition. ”

While this may seems like a comment that a typical CEO would make and could be nothing to get excited about, EA did hinted last year that they are working to make the game more personalized.
FIFA is the biggest selling sports game franchise in the world currently. Last week the company released stats saying that over 1. 5 billion matches were played online since the release of FIFA 16.

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