Fifa 18 player rankings: Cristiano Ronaldo is number 1 followed by Lionel Messi as well as Neymar

Many fans had been disgruntled that he beat Lionel Messi, yet few possess jumped to the defence from the man who set PSG back £200million this summer living in third place.

EA Sports activities revealed their top rated gamers this evening and the players which occupy the top three jobs will not come as a surprise, because they’re also the ones challenging the big bucks.

Just one Ialian, France and English club place claim to a player in the top rankings, whereas Real This town boast the most with 3 players sitting comfortably within the top ten.

European talent comprises six out of the ten places, while players from South usa fill the remaining four.

APP Sports were hounded upon twitter with many shocked to find out Ronaldo occupying top place, despite winning the Europ?ischer fu?ballverband Best Player in Eruope just one month ago.

Because 2008 both Ronaldo as well as Messi have vied for your Ballon d’Or and followers argued that it was Messi that needs to be sitting ahead of him and the rating should not be down to the actual trophies that Ronaldo assisted his club and nation win.

Fans were just as baffled yesterday as to exactly how Alexis Sanchez still was able to be ranked so extremely and receiving higher stats compared to Gareth Bale, Antoine Griezmann and Sergio Aguero.

FIFA 18 player rankings:

1.Cristiano Ronaldo: Real This town
2 . Lionel Messi: Barcelona
3. Neymar: PSG
4. Luis Suarez: Barcelona
5. Manuel Neuer: Bayern Munich
6. Robert Lewandowski: Bayern Munich
7. Sergio Ramos: Real Madrid
8. Eden Hazard: Chelsea
9. Toni Kroos: Real Madrid
10. Gonzalo Higuain: Juventus

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