For being included with a pool of tasks: 07 Rs Gold

For being included with a pool of tasks: 07 Rs Gold 
These are relatively urgent changes that have a reasonable period of time. I will attack these in priority order during weeks.

GE and bank elves to look different at a glance
Allow players to watch the amount of gold statues they have got completed, even though they won’t access the Max Guild garden

Add chance to gain golden and normal shattered heart rocks from Artisan’s Workshop
 Seren to react in case you are wearing the Seren god emissary armour
A compounding cape for being added that keeps your elf clan capes, and their functionality, available as one place. This is the ’9th cape’ design while using wolf
Elf clan capes being addable to the POH cape rack

Information to become added to the title screen about how exactly to unlock the clan titles. I will explore adding more trackers to help keep a record of progress
Raise the chance/frequency to get worthwhile items with elf pickpocketing. A communication will probably be released by Mod   Timbo concerning the changes

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