Get Stalker Gland RuneScape with 2018 Premier Club Gold Package


Have you purchased RuneScape 2018 Premier Club Gold package? Achievement comes accession advantage for the gold assembly – accepting a Stalker Gland from the Guardian of the Vault. And this annual can ensure you get the new Stalker Creatures task. Let’s apprentice approaching data and buy RS android gold.

07 Rs Gold

How can you admission the Stalker Gland?

Released forth with Seekers and Soulgazers, until January 22 the RuneScape Stalker Gland can be got from the Guardian of the Vault at the Grand Barter by those players who has anytime bought the Premier Club Gold package.

You can barter the annual with Kuradal or Morvran so as to achieve constant Stalker Creatures as your next Apache task. However, if you accept not completed Dishonour a allotment of Thieves, you will not get the task, although accepting the item.

What’s more, the annual accept the aforementioned archetypal with the Seeker Gland and Roast Beast meat.

What allowances can Premier Club Gold assembly get?

There are assorted kinds of allowances already you acquirement the added assembly cable – Premier Club, including discounts from Solomon’s General Store, promotional pets and corrective items. There are three tiers: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

The Premier Club 2018 Gold amalgamation includes some different benefits, like Hellion Outfit, admission to 4 absolute updates, and admission to Premier Club Vault already a ages (granting some rewards like XP lamps, stars and skilling packs).

For now, you still accept adventitious to acquirement 2018 Premier Club Gold amalgamation and adore Stalker Gland Runescape & added benefits. If you are absorbed in it, amuse bustle up and butt the final chance.

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