A few cool-under-pressure moments emphasize this week’s top five. If you have some great plays you would like to show off, don’t miss to submit them here. Make sure to leave the video as only one play and post this on YouTube.

Here are the top five plays of Week ten!

5. Prater sets Brand new Record

Normally, a field objective doesn’t make it in, however it’s a bit of a boomer because Matt Prater breaks their own record. It’s not probably the most electric play out there, however this player nailed this particular kick from 65 back yards out. That’s noteworthy.

4. Finds the Opening

There were some big returns published in the top five this season, however this one is very straight forward. Absolutely no big-time jukes or re-writes, just plowing through the come back coverage as Chris Thompson shows off some trucking ability. That’s a new one.

3. Prior to We Go Into OT

Having a tie game and no period left on the clock, this particular player heaves it straight down field in an attempt to close out the overall game before overtime. It was successful, but not for the right group. The Hail Mary becomes a pick 6 to finish the game. Nice walk away.

2 . It’s a Footrace

This can be a nice little play contact. A fullback run is usually effective in short-yardage circumstances, but this FB bogus stalls enough of the collection to give some room for your running back. With stay skills, a juke, along with a spin, this play will go from easy conversion in order to nail in the coffin.

1. Ummmmm. What?!

Full disclosure, I laughed when I viewed this. From the desperation move, to the INT, to the pushed fumble, only to be followedup with an offensive lineman rating the game-winning TD. Just simply so much going on. Note, in the event you just sealed the get with a late INT, often go down or run out connected with bounds. Lesson learned.

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