Purchase 50, Item Changes as well as QoL

It’s time to tackle the unaddressed and concentrate on some much requested QoL updates. Whilst most of soon will be focused on the results associated with Content Poll #57, for example updates to how the Serpentine Helmet envenoms NPCs with assorted weaponry and a buff towards the Ahrim’s staff, we get a few other tweaks here and there additional in for good measure.

Purchase 50

If you’ve ever been discouraged when having to buy several items from a shop within stacks of 10, if you’re in for a treat. All shops will have a “Buy 50″ choice, allowing players to buy products in, well… Stacks of fifty?

This change will not be reside in King of the Skill sides as to not impact strategies mid-way through the contest.

118Serpentine Belt

The Serpentine Helmet right now gives a 50% chance to instill venom when worn in conjunction with the poison-inflicting weapon, such as the Monster Dagger Poisoned. This also pertains to poisoned arrows and mounting bolts, but not the Emerald mounting bolts (e) special ability. Attacks which hit more than 0 may have the chance to trigger this impact and it will only apply to NPCs.

In addition to this, it now provides a 100% chance to inflict venom when worn in conjunction with a venom-inflicting weapon, such as the Toxic Blowpipe. Attacks that hit a lot more than 0 will trigger this particular effect and it will only affect NPCs.

Pizzaz Hat

Wrecking the Pizzaz Hat through Mage Training Arena will not wipe a player’s Pizzaz points.

That’s one more financial institution space freed up for the ones that were holding on to one! Sorry to all Pizzaz Hats which are about to be destroyed. A person thought you were needed, however, you weren’t.

Ahrim’s Staff

Ahrim’s staff has long been remembered among the worst magic weapons hanging around, due to it being 2-handed. Those days are now behind all of us.

Ahrim’s staff is now 1-handed and also provides a 5% Miracle damage increase.

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