Require some ectotokens to sail to 07 Runescape Gold ?

Are the locations the location where the wisp colonies are of any significance?Mod Ana: With such a packed world it was mostly an instance of finding where they may fit. They’ve recently been placed while using the levels planned, and so the earlier level ones are nearer to Lumbridge and Burthorpe.

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using the more impressive range colonies being more difficult to get to. We also placed them in areas that are not quest-locked, so individuals who don’t engage with quest content can easily still train Divination.

Dragontooth Island no more require some ectotokens to sail to 07 Runescape Gold ?

Mod Ana: Continuing from your answer above, we desired to place a colony on Dragontooth Island as there is many unused space there. We felt the fee to sail towards island was much more of a small annoyance compared to a gameplay or balancing asset, so wasn’t really adding anything.

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