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Final Fantasy XIV will launch to new IOS app

Square Enix Cheap FFXIV Gil: A Realm Reborn creating mobile applications Libra Eorzea database, recently put into our catalog on iTunes and readily available for download free. However, this application is only launched Apple IOS version 5.0 or higher required to run it. The Android version with the official says still in development, will be launched later.

Libra Eorzea database currently is the key provider of view and also the role of game records of the two functions. Since the data stored in the player’s mobile device, so props to guide offline viewing, tasks, achievements and NPC characters such as general information. Meanwhile, the login account can view their particular distinctive line of equipment with friends and role information.

Square Enix also now launched the game’s first campaign event Moonfire Faire; players can experience the cool summer swimwear charm.

The experience is split up into five races, respectively, are: humans, elves, and lalafeier Lu Zu, cat Meizu and Fallujah. Movement using a frozen sea glacial epoch derives from descendants to Buy FFXIV Gil. A keen smell, like night operations. And like working alone, live alone.