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Naoki Yoshida Discusses What Went Wrong with FFXIV

The producer and director of Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV Gil) Naoki Yoshida recently spoke with Kotaku to offer his ideas on which went wrong while using the continuing development of an original version in the game. Square Enix replaced the leadership team as a result of dismal beta and also a rocky launch, and Yoshida took control of the project less than 8 weeks after its official launch.

Yoshida asserted the previous team behind Final Fantasy XI (FFXI) played EverQuest for over per year over the its development for inspiration and also to find out what did wonders and adapt Final Fantasy XI (FFXI) framework accordingly, something he believes the former FFXIV lacked that resulted in an inability from the developers to achieve how the standard for MMORPGs ended up being raised lately.

Yoshida believes that his team will deliver within the revamping in the game with Cheap FFXIV Gil: A Realm Reborn. Especially given what he thinks is on the line.