What’s Rashford’s rating within FIFA 17

The image the thing is above is doing the rounds upon Twitter and within YouTube videos and although it’s not official as much as we’re conscious, most of you’ll agree with all of us in saying it looks amazing.

What’s Rashford’s rating within FIFA 17 Greatest Team? The great news though, is that in front of the FIFA 17 discharge date in September it appears like we could come with an indication on Stansted United star Marcus Rashford’s Fifa 17 Coins rating because of the FIFA seventeen demo.

It was open to play at E3 2016 with some gameplay seeping recently, footage from which demo shows Rashford having a 73 rating.
That silver card will be a very nice beginner and who understands, he could grow to be the Vardy associated with FIFA 17 as well as earn himself several in-form cards from silver as much as rare gold.

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